Saturday, October 31, 2009


i absolutely love my hair on this pic. it is the best yet.
[ignore all the mess in the b.g.]

Thursday, October 29, 2009


"tight like a chick who ain't never lost her v-card"

dope ass line am i right or am i right?
this was supposed to be posted yesterday when i was posted at the crib bored but the dumbass internet wasn't trying to work anymore.

so now im in Spanish class.
muy aburrido.
but thats all i really wanted to tell you guys

im contemplating on texting O.H. tomorrow but idk really if i should or not. post on that here.

peace bros.
hope your Thursday is going to be a good one.

oh yeah pink and red are like my favorite colors;at the moment any way. i switch it up so much. lol.

listening to: 'im goin' in' by lil wayne and drake

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

funniest moment of my day.

i was on the bus going home and it was mad crowded today for some reason. so i was just sitting on the bus ,mad, because it was all packed [but i did have a seat thouqh so im thankful] but it was like this special needs person on the bus and he kinda stuck. nah fuck that. that nigga smelled like straight piss. and the dude he was sitting by was like:

---'you smell like piss,bra'

now me being the person that i am started laughing now i was the first one who heard it the first time he had said it so they were looking at me like WTF??? but i didn't care because it was mad funny.
then he said it again a couple of stops later and he moved from the seat he was in to a different one and this time the special needs dude said

---'i do not' and hit dude with his lunch bag??? im guessing it was.

shit was HILARIOUS AF.
oh yeah my oldhead wasn't on the bus today, kinda upset. lol.
and i just figured out that blogging is so much effin' fun like seriously. and im taking mad pics lately of absolutely nothing at all. but thats just me for you.

im out bro

listening to: 'way 2 many chickz' by new boyz

i was eating ritz bitz in this pic too. lol.
↑↑↑random pic of me and my bags, homies,friends,whatever you↑↑↑ wanna call em.

i know its f'd up my boy ,not bf, tarik took it so what you expect. hahaha. kidding.

shoutout to tarik. love you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

monday morning message.

"You are beautiful(: I know Monday mornings can drag, and our outfits or hair isn't much of a help but just remember that you're a beautiful being under God."

--shoutout to Abi for this.

let me tell you this made my day or morning. because my hair was not cooperating and its not done so i was oh so very frustrated this morning. i was wearing my favorite hoodie so that made my day a lil better also. it always does.

it was like the perfect message because i was about to not qo to skoo and call it a day. please believe me[jody's mom voice from baby boy] .lol.

yo its this older dude that be on the bus i take home from skoo that 3:40. if i was just a couple years older i would be on that.for trill. ima have to flick him up one day. on the sneak tip of course. he reminds me of O.H. but we aren't qonna talk about that.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

natural hair.

im bouta just cut it off.
the relaxed ends of course.
its about an 1 1/2 of natural. i just measured with my ruler.
i could probably rock that. ehh. i know im not qoinq to cut it off now anyway. cuz i already set a date and i cant go off track with certain schedules. just the way i am.

GIMME THAT BECKY.[not literally.]


thank God for blistex.
lol. it does wonders.

happy sunday everyone.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


maybe its me and maybe its not.
you tell me.

so remember O.H. from a previous post?

yeah so anyway.
he texts me yesterday talkinq about "wassup"

p.s. mind you i haven't talked to him for like 3 or 4 weeks, so shit is definitely not koo between us at all.

and i just went alonq with the flow and was like "chillinq chillinq". then he texts back sayinq and i qoute "how you been STRANGER"
then i fell asleep cuz i was mad tired lol.

but then today he texts me about 12 am. so this like just happened. this is the summarized version but you can get the jist of it from this:

O.H. : wassup?
me : just chillinq listeninq to music.
O.H. :ugh like always damn why you been on some STRANGER shit lately
me : i dont think i been on some stranger ish lately. why do you feel that way?
O.H. :cuz you never hit me up anymore
me :i been busy with skoo and plus you always hit me up first. so...?
O.H. :(some unnecessary bs)
O.H. :oh nothing STRANGER go back on ya funny tip den
me :nah i wanna talk about this
O.H. : ok so talk about it STRANGER
me :stop callinq me stranger and how am i acting funny?
O.H. :its coo maybe you just changing or im trippin but dont trip go back to listenin to music or whatever you was doin
me : aiqht whateva

[convo over]

now please tell me WTF was that? like seriously. and need i remind you this niqqa is older then me acting like he my age or at least thats what i feel like. mainly cuz he didn't wanna talk about it. like WTF???

idk shits just real crazy lately. and i didn't need this to add on to my lists of things
should i just let this qo or what. im not sure. this is like my best friend with somethinq more. ima figure it out soon...i hope.

im out

listeninq to: best i ever had by drake

'cuz she hold me down everytime i hit her up'

and why the fuck did he keep puttin STRANGER in caps like yanamean?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"EDITED" pic

dont really know. i dont ever know. lol.
just decided to bloq that pic that i so called 'edited' but whatever.
i just think it looks mad dumb now. but i feel that way about every picture after a certain time.

tell me what YOU think.

watchinq on tv: Glee [funny ass show.]
listeninq to: She A Model by YG [jerk sonq.]

bye bros

im out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


i was supposed to be doinq my essay for english class but
i qet distracted so easily. i eventually finished after numerous hours of doinq absolutely nothinq at all.
but isnt that just the story of my life.

anyways umm nothinq really new qoinq on.

random thouqhts:
  • been downloadinq mad sonqs lately hope i don't qet a virus
  • need to qet a new hairstyle this one is qettinq old
  • also need new phone---upgrade
  • new lotion: blackberry smells so dope.
  • just took a sec. to itch my thiqh.
well im qettinq a headache im bouta qo take a tylenol or ibuprofen and take a nap to qet rid of it im out
peace bros

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Can Relate?

so so so sooooo true. lol.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

two new thinqs.

i learned about myself today:
  1. i have a hand fetish[weird riqht?]
  2. im obsessed with cookie ever.
posted a pic of my [insert affectionate pet name here]

listeninq to: the ranqers 'like chanqe'

"she a hot chick plus she qot bunz"-spotliqht from above sonq

Saturday, October 10, 2009

just words

im gettinq so cocky, ima start rockinq condoms [lol] -New Boyz 'Turnt'

lovinq that line.

new shit qoinq on:
  • alot on my mind (savinq that for a later post)
  • qot mad shit to do for school[busymode]
  • somethinq like a friend name: B. [not really new]
  • newly addicted to Ritz Bitz Sandwiches: Peanut Butter
  • been wearinq bunz alot lately
listeninq to: New Boyz "Cashmere"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

what it be like...

some say im rude. some say im a jerk.
some call me an a-hole cuz i do 'em dirt.---YT

describes me to a T today.[lol]

happy sunday
and God bless everyone.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

i finally qot it done. yay!!!

what may i be talkinq about?
my eyebrow piercinq.
its so freakinq dope.
i ♥ ♥ ♥ it.

also qot 2 coats[]
and a bomb vest[pic.coming.soon]

well thats all.

have a wonderful saturday everyone.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a lil sad...why? here it is.

so since i haven't been on this bloq thinq for a lonq time there is someone who i will call [O.H.] okay?

so a lil backqround on our relationship [as.friends]. we have been talkinq for about 1 1/2 to 2 years now. how we met? lets just say we crossed paths throuqh somethinq or other. we text, we talk on the phone. basically as time qoes on it doesn't matter if he wants to admit it or not he was catchinq feelinqs and so was i, []. i definitely wouldn't say love because to be honest i don't know wth that means. any ways a time comes where we have a interestinq[] convo.

O.H.: you should come to my house and we should chill or whatever.
me: idk.
O.H.: why you dont kno?
me: never mind we can do it on one of my half days[half day every wednesday]
O.H.: aiqht.

end of convo.

one thinq i didn't say he was older then me, not way way way older but old enouqh.

so im contemplatinq whether i wanna do it or not.
what do yall think i did?
a. went to chill
b. chickened out
c. left the state or country[lol]

hint: not c

well if you quessed b you hit it riqht on the nose.
so he qot over it time passes and every now and then he asks me to chill.
everytime i chicken out. quess im somewhat of a punk[]

so just this pass week he asked me aqain and im like i cant do it.

and O.H.'s last text to me was:
lmao i give up.

since then i haven't been in contact with him and we text like everyday or atleast everyother.
two questions came to mind:
is this how it ends? and what does this even mean?
i admit im a bit sad, but it was my fault so oh well.
life qoes on.
if it was a mistake, ima just take it as a loss.

p.s. it was mad other stuff that i didn't put on here but hey i qotta keep some ish to myself riqht.
if you don't have privacy,what do you qot.

p.s.s. eyebrow piercinq tommorow. cant wait

im out bro ]: