Wednesday, September 30, 2009

weird video...

fake or real?[idk.]
this is the video that i watched.

maybe this kid has some mental problems or somethinq but he seriously needs t0 qet checked out

anyways im out for the day[possibly.]

peace bro.

p.s. oh yeah i failed my math test as[expected] thouqh so no suprise there.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

hmmm. bored so i decided to...

write a bloq[duh!]. but its one thinq that i didn't tell the blog. im qoinq[natural]. no i didn't bc[bigchop] but im planninq to do so on my birthday[4.30.10]. im just transitioninq riqht now so ima try to keep my hair in braids and whatnot.

anyways i just been thinkinq about what i want for Christmas and surfinq the net for these thinqs of course and i came up with this
Christmas Items:[noorder]
1. Apple iPod Touch 3rd Gen
2. Nikon CoolPix S230
3. G-Shock[pink,yellow/blue,skeleton]
thats it really.

oh yeah and im qettinq my[eyebrow] pierced on friday can't wait.

listeninq to: 'delirious' by Vistoso Bosses

umm..another day antoher somethinq

anyways i was supposed to post somethinq yesterday. but i qot distracted it happens [alot] and then i was sleep for like the whole day until i went to qet food[ialwayswakeupforthat].

but my day was overall okay[iquess]. fell asleep on tha phone with someone[special???maybe]

thinqs that happened:[warninq:maynotbeworthreadinq]
1. you know when people say 'when you assume, you make a ass out of u and me'...i just qot that for tha first time and i always use it.
2. took a math test[fail/pass???] and spanish quiz[fail/pass]
3. new book im readinq: 'life isn't all haa haa hee hee' by Meera Syal[enqlishclassassiqnment]

well that was excitinq. im outties bro. JERKIN!!!

sonq im listeninq to: 'bite my swaq' by Asia Lynn[jerksonq]

p.s. im up mad early too.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1st Day One tha Job...

bloqqinq job that is lol. really don't know what to say. a friend wanted me to try this out so i said 'hey, why not?'. but anyway my day was a normal day basically. so happy its thursday because that means tomorrow is friday and tha weekend is here [finally!!! yay]
anyway umm whateva and blah blah blah. happy weekends to everybody

see ya